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The Zesto simulator contains source files directly derived from SimpleScalar, as well as new source files written entirely at Georgia Tech. As a result, there are two seperate license/end-user agreements (one from SimpleScalar LLC and one from Georgia Tech), and each file may be covered by only one or by both agreements. Use of the simulator "as is" (i.e., out-of-the-box without modification) will be constrained by the stricter of the two agreements (the SimpleScalar license) and therefore can be used by non-profit and non-commerical entities. Rules regarding usage, copying, redistribution, etc."are clearly explained in the corresponding user agreements. We make no guarantees of the accuracy, stability, utility, or any other attribute of the released code. By using our simulator, you acknowledge that you are using it at your own risk. We will attempt to answer questions through the Google-groups page, but we make no explicit guarantees of support.

We have only used the Zesto simulator on Red Het Enterprise Edition Linux, versions 4 and 5. You may run into porting issues if you try to run Zesto on other flavors of Linux. If you do port Zesto to other platforms, please let us know (or better yet, post the patch on your website and we'll post a link from here).

Give Me the Code, Already!

You will be able to download the simulator source code from the Google-groups page under the "Files" section.

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